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Today, technology allows us to find, sample, edit and share very quickly. Overpopulation however is not only a problem for lesser developed countries.

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The idea is that you should be able to challenge people with your ideas and you should be able to make them question their own perception on a particular subject. What to wear? It is clear that the simplicity of WiFi and the Internet is more efficient than the networks planned by the telephone companies. New York: Routledge. Just think if these are the statistics for how many texts do you think are being sent now everyday? Just like in the days of X. I wrote this essay before reading Free Culture so I'm saying a lot of stuff that Larry says better I know that my grandma still refuses to own a cell phone and my grandpa only has one in case of an emergency. Many older people do not like new technology and do not accept it. Even though the Internet makes available a wide palette of wonderful works based on content from all over the world, the current copyright practices forbid most of such creation. It involved a system run by telephone companies including metered tariffs and multiple bilateral agreements between carriers to hook up. This transformation came about side by side with ideas of online social networks that would enable the interaction of citizens of different countries. This is actually rather dangerous considering pictures sent via text message can easily be shared and obtained by other sources. The amount of text messages sent daily is skyrocketing through the roof. This easiness has drawn many people, especially teens, to resort to using technology to do things we used to do ourselves.

More and more ways are being thought of by criminals just to commit the perfect crime. Texting allows someone to continue with the task they are doing while having a conversation about something completely different.

IEEE Most entertainment content is not so time sensitive that it requires real time network access.

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The increasing population apparently is the root of all these and other effects as well. But unfortunately, this scenario is so close to surreal. Most creators of content realize that all content builds on the past and the ability for people to build on what one has created is a natural and extremely important part of the creative process.

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