Reflection of micro teaching

In this way, I think I would ensure the objectives can be achieved if I reduced the relatively task difficulty and took limited time into account.

People including myself seemed particularly happy with the small group activity on perspective; I honestly did not think that that section of the lesson would have been the most popular or the most effective part, but it seemed like everyone was very much on-board with the concept of it and my execution of it i.

micro teaching skills

Her induction was clear and she looked confident. Next I gave each group a picture of a person and they described the persons. It was asking and answering questions based on their personal information. Students enjoyed the activities.

In general, everyone in the class had appreciative things to say about the class structure, the introductory activity, and the perspective activity that I had them start on before time ran out.

On the other hand, some peer said that pictures had drawn students' attention and highly motivated them to engage in a follow-up task.

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Therefore, it is clear that it was a mixed ability classroom. I think that a student knowing that their writing will be shared, in some way, can motivate them to put a little extra effort into what they write because sharing gives them a sense of pride if they follow directions appropriately.

Importance of micro teaching

Language concepts that are relatively easy for learners to acquire were introduced first in the class and then scaffolding was used to introduce more difficult concepts. I wrote the sentences uttered by the students on the board and asked them to relate time to the sentences. The handout of my first lesson plan is filed under Lesson Plans. Then I declared the topic and engaged the students in pair ar discussion on the topic. I would probably use a different reward than candy for a large class too—maybe tokens or tickets, something that if you got a certain number of you could use it as a homework pass, or bonus point on a test. When I asked them to repeat me pronouncing some sentences one by one, so that I could hear their voices clearly and give the personal feedback directly , most of them could do well, although a few of them could not really pronounce the sentences accurately. Self-reflection is one of the important phases of learning. The class was conducted by a group of four since it was divided into four segments. Students enjoyed the activities. This lesson was directed toward undergraduate students who have an interest in teaching and culture influences. Gilang could manage the class well and he was enthusiastic when speaking.

The first one was a whole class activity and the ot next two were group activity. Most of them responded to the exercises correctly while working individually. After analyzing peer feedbacks, I learn that the warm-up activity of using three hard-copy pieces of paper is not favored by some students.

micro teaching activities
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Reflection on Microteaching Exercise