Justification of human violence through fight

when is violence justified and when is it not justified

Pacifism and remembrance Because most societies regard going to war as fulfilling a citizen's ethical duty, they honour and remember those who give their lives in war. Necklacing involved forcing a tyre over the shoulders of a person accused of collaborating with the apartheid government.

For example, I think that large segments of the American people who understood very little about what was going on were provoked to war on December 7, — and from the information available to them, justly so.

Sitting next to Mr. If human rights did not have high priority they would not have the ability to compete with other powerful considerations such as national stability and security, individual and national self-determination, and national and global prosperity. Instead we can work up a view—which is needed for other purposes anyway—of which human rights are the weightiest and then assign the intervention-permitting role to this subset.

But Rawls was working on a narrower project than Gewirth and Griffin. Finally, cultural imperialism occurs when the economically, technologically, and militarily strongest countries impose their beliefs, values, and institutions on the rest of the world.

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The Legitimacy of Violence as a Political Act?